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Hey Mister Jesse Hey Mister Jesse
Patty & The Buttons, Gunhild Carling and The Smoking Time Jazz Club on Hey Mister Jesse.
SwingNation SwingNation
Do Lindy Hop and cultural appropriation go hand in hand? This and other stuff on SwingNation #62
ILHC 2014 Live Broadcast ILHC 2014
Live broadcast of the International Lindy Hop Championships Aug 22 - 24!
Frankie 100 Frankie 100
Watch portions of the Frankie Manning Centennial in NYC brought to you by Yehoodi, May 23 - 25!

Yehoodi is a global community of Lindy Hoppers.

Lindy, jitterbug, swing dance… Whatever way you say it, we welcome anyone that loves this music and this dance.

Check out our featured content, see upcoming swing events, and chat in our Lounge.

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SwingNation #62: With Auntie Ann

SwingNation #62: With Auntie Ann Ann Mony joins us once again to talk about Lindy Hop and cultural appropriation. Swing Patrol gets in bed with a Dragon wearing Keds. We also have videos and audience feedback. SwingNation #62 starts now.

Watch Jo & Zuckerpunch Warm Up for SwingNation

Watch Jo & Zuckerpunch Warm Up for SwingNation Doing fake swing television is hard, serious work. Check out SwingNation co-host Nicole "Zuckerpunch" Zuckerman and our special guest host Jo Hoffberg prepping before recording episode 57 a month ago. Clearly all those off-air exercises paid off, since...

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SwingNation #61: Juan Ignacio Villafane

SwingNation #61: Juan Ignacio Villafane Hola! Prepare yourself for "Siete minutos de amor con Juan Villafane!" Also, a west coast swing event doesn't want you to dance with the pro dancers and a cool jazz music video game. SwingNation #61. Aqui! Ahora!

Ten Years Ago: "A Great Day In Lindy"

Ten Years Ago: Ron Waters reminds us that "Ten years ago today, hundreds of Lindy Hoppers gathered in NYC for a group photo which became known as A Great Day in Lindy.... Happy Anniversary!" For those that weren't there or forget, here's how we described it...

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The 2014 Harvest Moon Ball Swing Dance
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The World Jam
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Sock Hop Sundays, October 26th...
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Lindy Hop Beginner Class in Queens!!
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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington...
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The Lounge [ See more ]

Fustrating things in iOS 8 ?
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Swing Dance & Vintage Ghost Story...
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