Support Making Chick Webb's Music Available to All

Michael Gamble and those cool cats at Lindy Focus are raising funds to transcribe the legendary bandleader Chick Webb's music for the first time. From the fundraiser page:

We're trying to bring back the live performance of the musical catalog of legendary Savoy Ballroom bandleader Chick Webb - a repertoire of amazing dance music, some of the greatest ever created, which sadly has seldom been performed seriously since his death in 1939.

To make this happen, we're launching this campaign to fund the transcription of over 30 charts (songs) to make it possible for a working big band to play a full night of Chick Webb's music. The tunes will be performed at this year's Lindy Focus ( and will also be made available to the public in the near future so that other enthusiasts can keep this music alive!

If you are a lindy hopper and love this music and this dance, consider kicking in a few bones to support this worthwhile effort.

Head to Indiegogo to find out more and support.