"Swingin at the Cat Club": A Tribute to the Great Dawn Hampton

Swinging at the Cat Club | Catherine Russell & Ron Sunshine | Tribute to Dawn Hampton.png

Watch this loving musical tribute to Miss Dawn Hampton, "Swingin at the Cat Club," featuring Ron Sunshine and Catherine Russell. We love all the wonderful footage of Dawn dancing throughout the years, and how much she shared with all of us.

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Hattip: Jesse Miner!


Swinging at the Cat Club (The Swing Society Song)" Words and Music By Dawn Hampton 

Performed by:
Catherine Russell - vocals
Ron Sunshine - vocals and harmonica
Kenny Ascher - piano
Jim Greene - bass
Curtis Nowosad - drums
Matt Hong - Clarinet
The session was produced by Jocelyn Hassenfeld, who also masterfully edited the video, combining archival footage of Dawn with our recording session. The session video was shot by Stuart Math. 
Recorded at Flux Studio, NYC, January 26, 2017