Lindy Hopper Joanna Dong Places Third at Sing!China Finals

Joanna Dong finishes third in Sing! China finals .jpg

Joanna Dong did us all proud by coming in second runner up in the Sing! China Finals last Sunday. in front of an 80,000 strong live audience, she sang a duet with her mentor Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou and then a solo, against four other finalists.

During the show, Joanna talks about how she stumbled upon lindy hop , which in turn made her decide to become a jazz singer. Cue recreated dance scene!

Via a combined voting system of audience and industry professionals, Joanna narrowly missed being the top 2 sing -off. The competition was eventually won by Tibetian teacher Zhaxi Pingcuo and student Guo Qin came in second.

We held a screening in the corner of a lindy hop event that was being held that night (thank you organisers of Singapore Lindy Revolution for accommodating that!) and dancers from around Asia could follow the progress of the competition. There was a tiny segment that was shown in the run up to her performance and i managed to catch it from the screen.


Thank you Joanna for bringing jazz to the stage and to millions of new listeners. All the best for your continuing career (and more lindy hop)!