Singaporean Lindy Hopper in Finals of The Voice in China this Sunday!

joanna dong china voice.jpg

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sing Lim spreads the word about Joanna Dong, a talented Singaporean lindy hopper and her upcoming appearance a Chinese reality show. Here's what she shared.

Joanna Dong picked up swing dance in 2001-ish when she was just out of junior college and it influenced her natural talent for singing and she started singing more and more jazz. Since graduating from university, she became a jazz singer, while of course doing all one does to make a living as an artiste i.e. teach lindy, sing at weddings, corporate gigs etc. She made it good in the local scene and worked in Theatre in musicals and also became a TV hostage well, mostly in the mandarin language.

All the time she contributed what she could to the lindy scene. Together with Dale Cheong and his Summertimes Big Band, whenever there was a possibility, they would include the dancers in their gigs as performers or just Rent a Crowd. They both would perform at my SEA Jam events.

And Jo wrote/sang/danced for our Frankie 95 Shim Sham video.

Sing!China is a singing reality show in China. It is based on The Voice, where famous pop stars will mentor their team and help groom them. She just made it to the GrandFinals, as representative of Jay Chou's team. ( he's one of Asia's BIGGEST stars.) She will battle it out with 4 other singers on 8 October in front of 80,000 people in the Beijing Olympic Stadium.

We so happy for her. She has paid her dues and she has worked hard for so many years, all the time being grateful and humble. 

Here's her last performance from September 29!

And here's a compilation of some of her other performances on the show.


From all of us at Yehoodi: Jo, we hope you kick butt on Chinese national television! For more info and to support, head to the Joanna Dong Fan Group on Facebook.