Stuff We Liked: Swing Calendars, Francois on the Origin of Jazz Dance, a Multi-lingual Code of Conduct

lindy hop calendar.jpg

Get your 2018 started off right with one of these fantastic swing calendars from Korea and Spain. Korean photographer Buskil and band leader Sage Minn have produced what looks like a lovely calendar featuring dramatic photos from the Korean dance scene. Head to this page for more info and how to order it. (Hatttip: Sam Carroll)

korean lindy hop calendar detail.jpg

Meanwhile, over in Europe, Lee Meidan has produced the fabulous “Super Hoppers Calendar 2018” featuring 12 original illustrations of superheroes dancing Lindy Hop, made by three amazing artists from Spain. To order, send a Facebook message to the Super Hoppers Calendar or email

Other stuff we liked this week:

  • On BBC Radio, Ryan Francois drops some knowledge about the origins of jazz dance, going all the way back to Africa, the slave trade to the Americas, and minstralry. Ryan starts around the 7:00 minute mark. 
  • MAD for Swing in Madrid, Spain has released a visual code of conduct in Spanish, English and French, which you can find on their website. Feel free to customize it for your community, school or event.
  • Michael Gamble updates folks who contributed to the Jimmie Lunceford transcription project that we shared about earlier this year. Apparently all 30 songs targeted for transcription have been fully funded (including “Lunceford Special” that I funded!). Those attending Lindy Focus 2017 will be the first to hear these new transcriptions played by a live band. So exciting!

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