New York Times on Love and the Frim Fram Jam

Check out this lovely article and short video in the New York Times on Caleb and Katherine, two dancers who met and fell in love at Yehoodi's Frim Fram Jam. Such a sweet story.

In August 2011, at a studio called You Should Be Dancing, up four flights of stairs, Mr. Wiese ventured into a weekly event called Frim Fram Jam. It was a casual thing, he said, not very structured. “It’s like, you hang out, you ask people to dance and you dance.”

One of the people he asked to dance was a young woman named Katherine, who had also recently discovered Frim Fram Jam. Ms. McClintic had moved to New York in 2010 to study ballet and musical theater, but had done little swing.

So glad that we able to help bring you two together, Katherine and Caleb. And congrats!

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