Stuff We Liked: A Voonderful Profile of a NY Lindy Hopper, Keep Your Venue Cool with Physics, and Swing on German TV

This is the final week of Pride Month. So we are so pleased to see a lovely profile in of local NYC lindy hopper, fashion maven, and all around mensch VavaVoon. Here's VavaVoon on where his happy place is:

Listening and dancing to live traditional/hot jazz, scouring and thrifting for jazz age era clothing, immersive theater, meandering through art and fashion galleries, being on the water, or picnicking in a garden.

Also, hey it’s summer! The blog Basie and Newton shares some timely tips on how to keep your venue cool using the thermodynamics. This sweaty dancer approves.

 While our German is a little rusty, we were excited to see lindy hop covered on German TV network RBB. (Hattip: damnation333 on Reddit).

 Lastly, check out this swell routine featuring several Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassadors from Beantown.

 Dancers [from L-to-R]: Steven Plummer, Joshua Chidebelu-Eze, Alexis Davila, Cyle Dixon Jr., Jonas Chidebelu-Eze, Shana Maria Weaver, Brandon Barker, Joshua Mclean, Samuel Coleman. (Hattip: Judy Pritchett on Facebook.)