Jean Veloz on Network TV on June 28 (now with video)

We are huge fans of swing legend Jean Veloz. So we are so pleased to hear that she will be featured on the show "Little Big Shots: Forever Young" tomorrow, June 28, starting at 8pm PT. According to Rusy Frank, Jean will be recreating her iconic 1944 dance number, this time with Joel Plys and Steve Conrad.

For those with televisions or outside the US, we'll post video here as soon as we hear about it.

UPDATE 6/29: Here's the video!

And for reference, here's Jean in 1943 in the movie "Swing Fever."

Jean is such a charmer with Steve Harvey during the interview portion too: "The big bands! If that doesn't turn you on.. if you don't react to that, if you don't feel that... you're dead."

(Hattip: Rusty Frank)

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