Help the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs Get to ILHC & Camp Hollywood

The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs are in the vanguard of the next generation of lindy hoppers, led by the amazing Valerie Salstrom. Valerie just shared out on Facebook an appeal for help getting this young team of dancers to several major dance events around the country. Here's what she wrote:

I wish the arts were valued. I wish swing dancing and it’s African-American history was valued. I wish more people realized what being involved in a swing dance program means to children and their families.

In the next few months some of the members of the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs will be making their way to events around the country to take classes, social dance, perform, compete, hang out with other youth who are involved in the dance scene, meet some of their swing dance heroes, and hear stories about the great ones who have passed. We also have three jitterbug relatives traveling with us as chaperones. (We have lots of little bugs whose ages are in the single digits and we need the extra help.)

These efforts require a pretty hefty chunk of change and we are hoping you can help us finish raising the money we need. Our goal is to raise at least $7500 and we have already raised slightly under $3000...

If you need more motivation, check out Alexis and Cyle's routine at ILHC from 2014.


More about the team's travels:

The easiest way to support is to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Frankie Manning Foundation. Please make a note in the "Who do we thank?" section that the funds are going to the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs. Click here to donate.