Fun Animated Video on Creating Safe Dance Spaces: Be a Superhero!

Dom and Nora of SwingAut in Vienna, Austria shared with us this adorable animated video they created "How to Empower Your Inner Dance Hero." It's got a great message about how to support safe spaces in your dance scene, and it's beautifully produced. You should consider sharing it on your social medias and dance venue websites.

Check it out below.

Great work, Dom, Nora, and all the rest of the folks involved. You're a clever bunch of monsters, aliens and robots!



Concept/Animation/Postproduction:  Viktoria Miess
Music: Sing Swing Bada Bing - D. Maxwell, Gypsy Stroll - A. Lieberman, 
Bass Walker (Film Noir) - Kevin MacLeod, (CC 4.0)
Thanks to all the dancers: Heidi, André, Birgit, Peter, Nora, Dom