Stuff We Liked: An Obscure Whitey’s Clip, Why Dancing is Good for Your Brain, and a Fun ILHC Promo

We had not seen this clip of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers at a “Block Party Masquerade” before, had you? According to the description, this is a touring group put together by Whitey after the "OGs" became so popular. Can you name any dancers in the clip? (Paging, Bobby White.)

Gotta love that attitude, the crazy airsteps, the costumes, the same gender couple dancing in the middle, and that epic walk off at the end! (Posted by the American Lindy Hop Championships. Hattip: damnation333 on Reddit.)

Other stuff we liked this week:

  • This CNN story focuses on the research led by Colorado State neuroscientist Aga Burzynska on the effects of various forms of exercise on the brain, including dance. They found in a clinical study of 174 older adults that dancing was correlated with significant improvements in brain functioning, particularly memory. Check out her team’s full research paper here. (Hattip: Frankyboy)
  • The fundraising campaign to transcribe the music of Jimmie Lunceford has only been open for a week, and they are already 93% of the way to their goal of $17,660! Woah. There are only a handful of songs left, if you wanted to sponsor one. So don't wait!
  • The International Lindy Hop Championships are coming up in just a few weeks, August 24-27 in DC. To get folks pumped, they shared this fun promo video featuring a classic 2009 Skye and Frida routine, and what we all do now at a particular part of that song. 

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