Stuff We Liked: Rare Webb Footage, Swing in Harlem, a Classic Article on Dawn


Check out what purports to be the only known footage of Chick Webb performing with his band at the Savoy. Blink and you miss it at the 30 second mark. But it still a rare treat, particularly with the dancers just going nuts on the dance floor. (shared by Tom Castagna).

Other Stuff We Liked:

  • In related news, the Chick Webb documentary "The Savoy King" is now available on DVD. Order it from their website to learn about this much beloved swing jazz musician. (Hattip: Gavin) 
  • Read this wonderful article in the Village Voice about the Harlem Swing Dance Society, including sweet portraits of swing pioneers Barbara Billups and Sonny Allen. It's awesome to read about the legacy of lindy hop in Harlem continuing on today!
  • Adam Brozowski shared a neat find in a vintage shop in the Castro District of San Francisco: a 1975 feature story about Dawn Hampton in what looks like a local entertainment magazine Michael's Thing. It's a sweet and touching story, with great photos of Dawn. Thanks for sharing, Adam!

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