"Sing Sing Sing" Taiko Style!

Singing in the Present | San Jose Taiko and Wesley Jazz Ensemble.jpg

Check out this super fun video that answers the question, what would you get if you combined a Japanese Taiko drumming troupe and a swing big band? The answer is a spirited re-visioning of the Benny Goodman classic "Sing Sing Sing" , combined with the Taiko piece "Gendai ni Ikiru (Living in the Present)." Check it out.

Gotta love that swing and charleston choreography while they are drumming!

Congrats to San Jose Taiko and the Wesley Jazz Ensemble for this wonderful piece. Check out more of San Jose Taiko's booming work on their YouTube channel. And head to their Facebook Page to stay up to date with their performances, classes and videos. Sounds like they may be performing this piece soon in San Francisco's Japantown.