Stuff We Liked: Hotshots at Snowball, Sykes on Failure, 360 Vids of Older Dancers, Frankie’s Audio Book

The Snowball 2017 - Harlem Hot Shots .png

It’s the new year, which means that we’ve got a slew of amazing videos from Snowball, the weeklong celebration of lindy hop in Stockholm, Sweden. It was hard to choose one to feature, but we’ve got to to highlight this incredible routine by the Harlem Hotshots. Such an inspiring combination of explosive energy, amazing airsteps, fun choreography, and showmanship. 

Some of our other favorites from Snowball: Jazz at Four, Anders, Marie and Jakob, and Sisters in Rhythm

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

  • “Curiously Creative” is a New Zealand-based podcast that shares conversations with creatives about their lives and work. A recent episode features international dancer, instructor and judge Sylvia Sykes, where she talks about failure and the value of making mistakes, finding joy and fulfilment from the process, dealing with burnout, and navigating through competitions in the arts arena. Give it a listen.
  • As an older dancer, I appreciated this series of 360 videos in the New York Times on dancers over 50, including Eiko Otake, Gus Solomon, Jr, Brenda Bufalino, and Douglas Dunn. How do we get one of these to feature Chester Whitmore?
  • Frankie Manning’s autobiography, the Ambassador of Swing is now available as an audio book! 

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