STUFF WE LIKED: Remembering the Swedish Revival, Lionel Hampton Crowdfunding Starts Tomorrow, Dawn at ASDC

frankie herrang.jpg

It was 34 years ago that three Swedes travelled to New York City looking for the originators of Lindy Hop. It was then that they first encountered Al Minns and Frankie Manning, starting wonderful friendships and dance collaborations that “revived” lindy hop. (Some might take issue with the verb, since lindy hop wasn’t dead. But that was the term used at the time.)

To commemorate that event, folks are organizing “Revival of the Revival,” a workshop weekend May 24-26, 2019 in NYC, featuring Swedish dancers who studied under Frankie Manning. eWa Staremo-Burak, Mimmi Gunnarsson, Åsa Heedman, Fredrik Dahlberg, Daniel Heedman, and Lennart Westerlund.  Looks like a really fun time!

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

  • For those following the Lionel Hampton musical transcription project, tomorrow -- Tuesday October 2 -- is the start of the crowdfunding campaign. If you want to sponsor a song, get ready. Last year’s sponsorships were claimed almost immediately, with the whole project being funded in under 24 hours. Check their Facebook page for more info.

  • We hadn’t seen this video from 1995 of the legendary Dawn Hampton dancing with the Sylvia Sykes and Ramiro Gonzales before. From the American Swing Dance Championships. We still miss you, Dawn! (From Tony Azar on Facebook.)

  • From the next generation of lindy hoppers, we are digging this short video of Samantha Cannistra and Orlando Hiraishi Mae of the Sydney Swing Katz doing some fun boogie-woogie / lindy hop. Get it, swing kids!

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