Origins, Innovators and Legacy: A New Brochure on the History of Lindy Hop

lindy hop history brochure_web.jpg

One thing we’re passionate about at Yehoodi is sharing the incredible history of lindy hop. A few years ago we produced “What is Lindy Hop?” a short video explaining the basics of this art form. In that same spirit, we’re announcing today the release of “Lindy Hop: It’s Origins, Innovators and Legacy,” a beautifully designed brochure that concisely tells the story of where lindy hop came from, with an emphasis on the Black roots of the dance.

So whether you are managing a dance studio, teaching a taster class for your local dance, or giving a talk on lindy hop to a school group, having a paper brochure can help reinforce what you are trying to get across. All you have to do is print it out and share it.

We’ve designed the brochure to be easily printed, with a professional printer or a standard copy machine. We’ve even included a blank section in the back where you can include the name of your organization, web address, logo, and anything else you want to put there.


The brochure of course does not include everything there is to know about the history of lindy hop. We’ve included on the associated web page links to educational resources, including websites, videos, books, articles and more. We’ll keep updating this page as more resources become available.

We hope you find this educational resource helpful as you educate others about lindy hop. If you do use this brochure, please let us know by commenting on this post, via email, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter.

Special thanks to the services of talented designer Nina Elkin, who worked so hard to make the brochure look beautiful. See more of her work on her website Hourglass Studios and Facebook page. Also thanks to Veronica Ramirez for writing the copy of the brochure. You had the impossible task of boiling down an incredibly complex story into as few words as possible, and still make it readable and engaging. You did a great job.

Thanks to the 920 Special and Iris Tarou for supporting for this project. Sorry we didn’t get it to you in time for your 20th anniversary! We hope it was still worth the effort.

Shout out to our friends Tasha Barnes and Tena Morales-Armstrong for reviewing the content of the brochure and giving their advice. All errors and misstatements are entirely the responsibility of Rik Panganiban as Project Lead.

And without further ado, here’s the links to the brochure!

Don’t forget to let us know if you found this resource useful, and how you used it!