STUFF WE LIKED: Sophiatown Raises $12K, Earliest Ellington, Balkan Contest Highlights, a Classic Clip of Norma, Al, Billy, and Frankie


A few weeks ago, we were pleased to share the news about “Echoes of Sophiatown,” a new crowdfunding campaign by Cape Town Swing in South Africa to preserve and share the little known genre of South African swing music. Just two days shy of their deadline, they have raised their $12K goal! There’s still time to claim a song, purchase a CD or get one of the other awesome perks, while supporting their audacious project.

Congrats, Cape Town Swing, on a successful campaign. And thanks to the hundreds of you from around the world who contributed.

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

  • Listen to the scratchy but still wonderful earliest recorded radio broadcast by Duke Ellington. This broadcast emanated from the Publix Allyn Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut, from 11:45 p.m. to midnight on April 11, 1932. The broadcast recording features the songs “When It’s Sleepy Time Down South” and “Lazy Rhapsody.” Maybe some intrepid sound engineer could clean up this recording for us?

  • The Balkan Lindy Hop Championships finished recently, and the videos are starting to come out. We love this solo team routine  by The Dinahs of London, UK. Wonderful energy, great formations, all sass.

  • Also from Balkan Lindy Hop Championships, Maria Filippova and Daniil Nikulin of Russia share an elegant Pro Classic routine that we’ll be watching again and again.

  • Meanwhile, the Frankie Manning Media Archive continues to release gems from people’s old video collections. Here’s some fun footage of Norma Miller performing with Billy Ricker, Al Minns, and Frankie Manning at the Village Gate back in 1984. Provided by Larry Schulz.

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