Stuff We Liked: Latasha Improvs, Solo Jazz from Beijing, Hampton Project Funded, Classic Ryan and Sing

Latasha Barnes and Josh Collazo screencap.jpg

A couple of weekends ago was the last Fog City Stomp in the Bay Area. 😨 The dance weekend finished on a strong note with many amazing moments, including this incredible improvised performance by multi-genre dancer Latasha Barnes and exceptional drummer Josh Collazo. I see solo jazz, house, African, and waacking expressions in Tasha’s solo, and I’m sure I missed a few references.

In related vids, check out this animation of Latasha created by Serge Marcoux.

Head to the Fog City Stomp Youtube channel for more videos from the weekend!

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

  • This classic 1993 routine by Ryan Francois and Sing Lim has been making the rounds. Still such an impressive achievement after all this time.

  • If you haven’t had a chance to contribute to support the memorial and end-of-life costs of two-time Harvest Moon Ball winner Clementine Thomas, the fundraiser is still open.

clementine tiny thomas.jpeg

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