Dance Jam on the Subway Platform: The Swung Furies!

We love this new performance video by the new New York City-based performance group The Swung Furies. Isn’t this just how you wish your morning commute went?

The Swung Furies are: Latasha Barnes, Nathan Bugh, Gaby Cook, Jessica Miltenberger, Rafal Pustelny and Bobby White (director.) Bobby notes on his blog that “each couple choreographed their own jam. Final jam choreographed by Bobby White, based on the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers’ ‘California Routine.’ Final “animals” developed by The Swung Furies.”

The group describes themselves as “dedicated to taking inspiration from Whitey’s Lindy Hop performance style and putting their own spin on it as part of honoring the innovation of those original masters.”

You can see an HD version of this video on Bobby White’s site Swungover.