"Winter Wishes": A Busby Berkeley-esque Holiday Vid from Sister Kate

Happy holidays, from the Yehoodi team. We’ve got just the thing to get you in that swingin’ holiday spirit: a new video from the Sister Kate Dance Company entitled “Winter Wishes.”

Sister Kate Dance Company bills itself as “Seattle’s premier vintage chorus girl dance company.” I love that they included many shots referencing the Golden Age of Hollywood pictures.

I also appreciated the modern touches like a more diverse set of dancers, of varying body types and showing off their body art.

Congrats to the small army that made this production happen, including two other dance groups, the Rhythm Belles of Bellingham, Washington and Sweet Jubilee of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Full credits here.

Don’t know who Busby Berkeley was? For those that have never seen a Busby Berkeley production, check out this retrospective on his work.

This later work from 1943 might break your brain. You’ve been warned.