Happy 99th Birthday, Norma Miller!

Photo Credit: Sing Yuen Lim

Photo Credit: Sing Yuen Lim

We are kicking ourselves that we aren’t at the celebration of Norma Miller’s 99th birthday, happening in Southern California this weekend. But it’s wonderful seeing social media from the party and all #Norma99 posts from around the world congratulating Norma on her birthday.

Norma is of course a legendary lindy hop dancer, a lifelong performer, the last original member of Whiteys Lindy Hoppers still with us, and star of stage, screen and television. We are so lucky to still have Norma as a force of nature in our community, and wish her a very happy and healthy 99th!

Here’s what Norma said after blowing out her candles at her party yesterday:

I just want to say that am happy to be anywhere! Thank you so much. I owe all of it to the fact that I danced all my life. I think that was my salvation.

Amen to that.

Chazz Young was of course also present for the festivities. Check out this fantastic video clip of Chazz dancing with Sing Lim, looking as smooth as ever.