Monday Motivation: Savoy Cup Strictly Invitational

Savoy Cup 2018 - Strictly Invitational with The Hot Swing Sextet .jpg

This comp from the Savoy Cup in Montpellier, France has all the things: world class dancers, incredible live music, and everyone going all out. #choreorespect 


  • Hyunjung Choi & Zeng Weiming
  • Anna Fors & Jakob Bergelin (first place)
  • Pamela Gaizutyte & Juan Ignacio Villafane
  • Laura Glaess & Brooks Prumo
  • Mikaela Hellsten & Felix Berghäll
  • Jo Hoffberg & Felipe Braga (third place)
  • Alice Mei & Remy Kouakou Kouame (second place)
  • Alba Mengual & Gaston Fernandez
  • Sonia Ortega Betriu & Héctor Artal
  • Egle Regelskis & Martynas Stonys
  • Moe Sakan & Vincenzo Fesi

Holy smokes, what a lineup!

The Trio Challenge is also a lot of fun.


Check out more awesome videos from Savoy Cup on their YouTube channel.