Parents Lindy Hopping with their Kids: Cuteness Overload

We were so inspired watching Ben Yau dancing with his daughter last week that we put out the call to our community for your favorite videos of parents dancing with their children. We love all the videos that you alls sent to us! Here’s just a few of the notable ones.

Watch Jamin jamming with his infant daughter to a blisteringly fast song!

Here’s Shesha dancing with his daughter Anjali at the Camp Hollywood intergenerational dance contest. Of course they took first place.

Nathan dancing in a phrase battle with his kid Fiona, who kills it!

Aaron sent us this video of his daughter Eleanor dancing in her first jam. She loved it, according to Aaron.

On the higher production end is this performance by two girls dancing with their dads in Australia. Impressive!

And we couldn’t leave this post without this short clip of a little girl telling her dad what kind of dancing she wants to do. 

We couldn’t agree more, kid.

Thanks so much to all parents and other the folks who sent us these fantastic clips. We’ve put all of the submitted videos into this YouTube playlist for your viewing pleasure. Please continue to send us videos of kids and their parents dancing! We’ll keep adding to the list.