Swingapore's Take on Frankie Manning's Favorite Steps

Happy Frankie Month! We hope you are celebrating lindy hop and Frankie Manning's legacy in some way this May.

A couple of years ago, we published a list of Frankie Manning's favorite steps, as compiled by long-time collaborator Laura Jeffries. It's worth a look, if you want a refresher.

And in case you aren't clear on some of those steps (I know some of them are pretty fuzzy to me), the dancers in Singapore have got you covered.

For some reason this video slipped through our radar when it was made in 2016. But it's never too late for a Frankie tribute! It's a sweet demonstration of lots of Frankie's favorite steps, as done by the Swingapore dancers, in one long take. Quite an impressive achievement!

Nicely done, Swingapore dancers! 

Music : "Corner Pocket" by Count Basie and his Orchestra.
Directed by Sing Lim
Filming and Editing : Anthony Mak

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