Stuff We Liked: A Neo-swing Retrospective, Jivin’ Dry Cleaning, and Dancing while Introverted

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This week in “Stuff We Liked,” check out this interesting look back at the late 1990s neo-swing music fad by Billboard magazine. It’s a pretty fair assessment of the era, and what were some of the factors that led to that resurgence in interest in some aspects of swing culture and music:

Neo-swing’s early scenesters weren’t just into old music. They committed to a lifestyle that prized midcentury automobiles, clothing, home decor, and social customs. In the 1998 book Swing! The New Retro Renaissance, author V. Vale describes the movement as “cultural rebellion in its most subversive form: one that uses the symbols of the status quo for its own intents and purposes.” It was a reaction to the drab, corporate disposability of life in the age of Starbucks. The zoot suit and wallet chain became the new mohawk and combat boots.

For those of us who remember that time, it’s a fun article. And for those of you that missed it, you might be fascinated to see a neo-swing band playing at the Super Bowl, with all those very cheesy dance moves to match. 


Other Stuff We Liked:

  • This ZIPS dry cleaning ad is pure jiving joy. We’re sorry / not sorry.

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