Stuff We Liked: Two Delightful MSNS Performances, Ambi-dancer Testimonies, and a Swing Flick Kickstarter

Hey, it’s summer! We hope you are enjoying some swing in the sunshine, wherever you are. One of our favorite summer festivals is Midsummer Nights Swing at Lincoln Center in New York. Check out these two recent performances that are sure to brighten your day.

Fresh from another fantastic performance at Coney Island Mermaid Parade, the Brooklyn Bombshells reprised their routine at Lincoln Center on July 6. Looks like a blast! Congrats to Queen Mermaid Heather Flock and all the rest of the mer-people for sharing your joy and silliness.

 We also love this performance at Midsummer Nights Swing by the group Savoy Spirit, choreographed by Rehema Trimeiw. Dancers are Karen Ng, Edem Attikese, Merika Jones, Ray F. Davis, Abril Reynaga, and Lalaina Rakotomalala.

Other Stuff We Liked this Week:

  • The organizers of the Switch Workshop coming up from July 27-29 have created this compilation of dancers dancing both roles (aka “ambi-dancing”) and talking about why they like ambi-dancing. It features Irina Amzashvili, Laura Glaess, Anthony Chen, Adam Brozowski, Matt Richey, Elise Roehrkasse... and yours truly.


  • Gerome Barry is raising funds to produce a feature film in France about swing called “Swing Rendezvous”. It will be a “zany and sophisticated comedy, with an 'early Woody Allen‘ spirit. A story between Paris and New York, full of music, magic and fantasy.” Check out his crowdfunding page for more info and to support.

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