Norma Miller in the New York Times: "From Harlem to Herrang"

norma NYTIMES.jpg

Check out this wonderful article in the New York Times today about legendary lindy hopper Norma Miller. A really sweet portrait of this swing icon, and a neat picture of life at the Herrang Swing Dance Camp.

Ms. Miller described the camp as a place where students ‘come to inherit the soul of black dancing.’ There are nightly social dances, with live bands. And workshops — from ‘Beginners Lindy’ and solo jazz to ballroom competition — take place in tents named after New York’s famous ballrooms: the Savoy, the Alhambra, the Palladium, Roseland and Small’s Paradise. But as much as the camp is intent on exposing students to vernacular dance, it also became responsible for reviving the Lindy Hop and extending the careers of dancers associated with it, including Ms. Miller.

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