Stuff We Liked: Badass Switch Dancing, Black Lindy Matters in DC, NY Times on Same-Sex Dancing

A couple weeks ago, The Switch in San Francisco brought together dancers from all over the nation to celebrate “ambidancestrous” dancing -- people dancing both roles. The weekend included workshops, social dances to live music, and competitions.

A highlight of the weekend was the Invitational “Switch Up Mix Up,” where high level dancers were randomly paired and assumed both roles during the heats. Check out the amazing finals here.

Head to The Switch YouTube channel for more fun videos from the weekend.

Here’s some of the other stuff we liked this week:

  • Speaking of people dancing the non-traditional role, the New York Times published a piece recently on “same-sex” social dancing entitled “At Same-Sex Dances, Anyone Can Lead”.  There’s a nice shout-out to the Gothenberg Queer Lindy Festival!  

  • We love this performance by the troupe Black Lindy Hop Matters at the Glen Echo ballroom outside of Washington DC on August 4. Great dancing to a really fun track! Dancers: Lea Williams, Rayshon Moore, Tyler Fullwood,  and Sharmaine Johnson.


  • In the “hmmm” department, we had to share this video of ballroom star Derek Hough showing off his jive dancing skills, focused on the infamous “pretzel” move. “Let’s learn something that is super cool, and is also really fun to do.” <eyeroll>

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