ILHC 2019 to Celebrate Norma Miller's 100th Birthday!

ilhc 2019 crop.jpg

We just heard the news that next year's International Lindy Hop Championships will also be a celebration of Norma Miller's 100th birthday! 

The dates of ILHC 2019 will be November 29 to December 2 -- to coincide with Norma's birthday on December 2nd. So start making those vacation plans now. You won't want to miss this epic celebration of the Queen of Swing.

Other announcements from the poster:

  • All Luck of the Draw contests will be free to enter
  • There will be "new and innovative" contests at the event

By the way, ILHC 2018 is wrapping up in a few hours. You can watch the final divisions live on YouTube. Head to the ILHC event page for the schedule and more info.

UPDATE August 27

We just got off of a FB Messenger call with Ms Norma Miller, who is traveling in Italy right now. She stated that she had no plans to go to Sweden or Washington DC in December. "I don't travel anywhere where there's cold weather," she stated. "I spend the winter in Florida," she explained. She said that she hopes that she is lucky enough to be able to celebrate her 100th birthday next year. But if she makes it, she hopes that people celebrate it the entire year.

So while ILHC 2019 might be celebrating Norma's 100th, Norma is not planning on being there in person at this point.

[Image Credit: Jerry Almonte via Facebook]