Stuff We Liked: Christopher Robin Swings, Wedding Band Budgeting, and an Auto-BPM Tool

christopher robin.png

Topping out our Stuff We Liked this week, we got word that the new film Christopher Robin starring Ewan McGregor includes a track from Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven “Could This Be Love?” No word on if Winnie the Pooh and Tigger will be swinging-out to the song, but we can hope! From the album “Uptown Jump.” More about this on Jazz Promo Services.

Other Stuff We Liked this week:

  • North Carolina-based bandleader and singer Laura Windley explains on her blog a common question she gets: “Why do bands change more for weddings.” Laura provides some valuable insider knowledge of how complicated, time-consuming and stressful it can be to perform at a wedding.

  • Dig this sweet teacher demo by Mikaela Hellsten (Sweden) and Paulo Pereira (Mozambique) from Mother City Hop held in Cape Town, South Africa. Registration is now open for Mother City Hop 2019 in March.


  • Adam Harries is working on a neat Auto-BPM software project for all of you swing DJ’s out there. According to Adam on Facebook, “I've written a very rough-and-ready tool, nicknamed ‘ellington’, that is designed to automatically calculate BPM information for swing music, seamlessly processing your library and helping you to automate your DJing process.” Only available currently for OSX and Linux. [Hattip: straycat264 on Reddit]

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