Stuff We Liked: Classic Swedish Charleston, BBC Swings, Preserving African-American Dance and “That Beach Clip”

lennart eva ewa on TV.jpg

We are loving this recently re-surfaced clip of Swedish dancers Lennart Westerlund, Eva Lagerqvist and Ewa Staremo performing on a Swedish TV show from awhile back. They are doing some fantastic classic charleston moves, and have the sweetest outfits to go with it. Posted by Magnus Long-John Höstner to Facebook. Anyone have more intel on this clip?

Other Stuff We Liked:

  • The Frankie Manning Media Archive is digitizing significant footage of lindy hop's greatest ambassador, Frankie Manning. This footage, much of it rare and never-before-seen, will be freely available to inspire and educate dancers all around the world. Learn more from this trailer. Learn more on the Frankie Manning Foundation website.

  • BBC ONE has been showing short videos some local lindy hoppers as an intro to some of the television programs. Here’s one of the clips they use. (Hattip: Valligan on Reddit.)

  • Baltimore based dancer and organizer Breai Mason-Campbell shares her views on exploring and preserving African American history through dance on her local public radio station. Listen to her remarks here.

  • Swing historian Bobby White notes that this is the 80th birthday of the famous “Beach Clip” much beloved by bal dancers around the world. Read more about what makes this short video so special on his blog.

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