Stuff We Liked: A Lush Lindy 500 Vid, 1M Views of Camp Hollywood Jam, Lana’s Lux Digs, and a Swing Cookbook

We are really digging this lush, dream-like video from Lindy 500 in Baltimore produced by Brian Hoeg. Very artistic use of lighting, slow mo, and camera work that shows lindy hop in a unique way. Nice work, Brian!

We’d love to see more video like this that pushes the envelope of how to present lindy hop to the world. What are some other more artistic videos featuring lindy hop that you’ve seen?

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

  • Congrats to Camp Hollywood for more than 1 million views on Facebook of the Open Lindy finals from the 2018 camp, after only being posted for two weeks. It’s an incredible showcase of some of the best lindy hoppers in the land throwing down, so kudos to all of them. Check it out, if you are one of the few that haven’t seen it yet.

  • We are huge fans of Harlem celebrity and swing dancer Lana Turner. Check out The Cut  style magazine for a fantastic profile of Lana and her incredible apartment. “Hundreds of dresses hang from double sets of racks, along with boxes of jewelry and 312 pairs of shoes, each one bagged with a typed description. Her hats, 600 and counting, are stored in shiny hatboxes in the hallway and the library/dining room. And 365 pairs of gloves are neatly folded and organized by color and type in various boxes.” Just incredible.

  • Swing Food is a new cookbook by chefs / dancers Markus "MOO" Krassnitzer and Olivier “Oli” Sortsch of Austria. They describe it as a unique cookbook inspired by swing music. For more info, check out their website and Facebook page. As a foodie and a lindy hopper, I’m very curious what recipes they include in the book. Available starting in October.

swing food book.png

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