Stuff We Liked: Snowball & Focus Hawtness, Frankie Fund Seeks Artist, a Jazzy Delta Ad

Happy New Year from all of us at Yehoodi! I just got back from Lindy Focus and am still very swungover. I hope yours was just as festive and wonderful.

There are lots of wonderful videos that came out of Lindy Focus that you alls should check out. But I wanted to highlight this amazing solo jazz performance by Jo Hoffberg and Laura Glaess to the song “Castle Rock” by Johnny Hodges. They just blew me and everyone else away who was there.

Of course, the other big New Year’s Eve party is Snowball is Sweden. There are a ton of great performances from Snowball that are now online. It was hard to pick just one, but I loved this solo jazz performance by the Jazz Messengers, done to the song “In the Forrest” by the Jo Jones Sextet.

Dancers: Clàudia Fonte, Sonia Ortega Betriu and Héctor Artal of Spain.

Other Stuff We Liked:

  • The Frankie Manning Foundation has been invited to participate in the Google Arts and Culture platform. They need a web-oriented artist to help create an attractive visual presentation of their material. Email if you can help.

  • Jazz 966 is a very special jazz nightclub that caters to seniors in Brooklyn, New York. Check out this sweet profile of two Jazz 966 patrons Ted Harvin, 81, and Delrosa Marshall, 74.

  • Watch this lovely ad for Delta Airlines starring sousaphone player Jason Jurzak and jazz drummer Yukie. It tells the story of how music cross all barriers of culture, language and distance. That’s something we can get behind.

  • Speaking of Asian performers, I can’t get enough of this solo jazz and lindy piece by Jason and Charlie from “The Diner Workshop” in Taiwan from December. Great switching, character and joyful energy!

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