Swing Kids, Korean Style

Like a number of lindy hoppers of a certain generation, the movie Swing Kids (1993) has a special place in my heart. So I was excited to hear about a new Korean-produced movie of the same name that was recently released.

Swing Kids (2018) is more about hoofers than hoppers, I’m afraid. But it still looks pretty sweet. In this “swinging musical drama” set during the Korean War, “the American soldiers at a POW camp plan a tap show to distract both themselves and the prisoners from the hardships of war. Led by a former Broadway dancer and a rebellious North Korean soldier, the band of prisoners find a new sense of freedom in dancing.”

The LA Times calls Swing Kids “engaging” and “enjoyable” with “impressive dance numbers.” The movie stars K-pop idol Do Kyung-soo (a.k.a. “D.O.”) and accomplished tap dancer Jared Grimes .

It looks like Swing Kids is playing in a number of US cities, so check your local listings.

HATTIP: Ruben on Jive Junction.