Stuff We Liked: Killer Solo Jazz at AJW, Pins to Support Jr Jitterbugs, SATS Scholarships, Swing + Hip Hop

Photo Credit:  Buksil Jang

Photo Credit: Buksil Jang

Authentic Jazz Weekend in Seoul, Korea always knocks our socks off. There’s a slew of amazing performances from this year that we’re binge watching online. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but check these out. First, Team AJC in the in short showcase division just blew us away with their great choreography, blocking, and style.

All the instructors performances at AJW were amazing. But we can’t stop watching this inspiring piece by Ramona Staffeld and Pamela Gaizutyte.

Head here for more AJW awesomeness.

Other Stuff We Liked:

  • Swingin at the Savoy is coming up February 22-24 in Oakland, California, bringing together legends of swing Norma Miller, Chazz Young and Chester Whitmore. For those that wish to attend but could use financial support, scholarships are still available. Applications are due January 31, so get on that!

  • Sarah Spoon debuted at Lindy Focus these shiny and cute Art Deco dance role pins that we love. She also made a tongue-in-cheek pin for the feminists in our community and promises tee shirts are soon to follow. You can order all of these good things for your scene at, with a portion of profits going to the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs.

patriarchy pins web.jpg
  • Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but we enjoyed this swing + hip hop track from the band Clap Stomp Swingin out of Osaka, Japan. Give it a listen.

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