Weekend Reading: Feminist Tango & Lindy Hop during Jim Crow

jim crow and tango.jpg

Looking for some meaty reading this weekend? Check out these two articles relevant to our lindy hop scene:

  • “Jitterbugging with Jim Crow”: A long-ish article about the connections between lindy hop and the civil rights movement in Atlanta, with some nice quotes from folks you might recognize from the contemporary lindy hop scene. From the Bitter Southerner magazine.

  • “‘A Caricature of the Patriarchy’: Argentine Feminists Remake Tango” is a fascinating article in the New York Times about how contemporary feminists and queer dancers are attempting to re-invent tango dance. Lots of relevant connections to efforts to make lindy hop more welcoming to LGBTQ people and bring more gender equality into the dance.

Have other articles or books that you want to recommend? Let us know on our contact page.