Watch "Vintage" vs "Modern" Street Dancers at Battle on the Rocks 2019

battle on the rocks.jpg

We’re big fans of Montreal Swing Riot and their “vintage” versus “modern” dance battle competition that has been one of the most viral lindy hop things to hit the internet. So I was excited to watch Denver’s take on this format at “Battle on the Rocks” that took place at the end of September.

In this competition, a team of lindy hoppers (aka “vintage street dancers”) take on a team of “modern” street dancers representing various styles from popping, to house, krump, Chicago footwork and waacking. Each gets to dance both to their “native” music genres and to songs from the other tradition. An expert panel of judges picks the winner.

Apparently this competition has been going on for a few years at Lindy on the Rocks. And according to one report the modern street dancers have won it the past two years in a row. Watch this year’s comp to see who took home the prize this year.

Such an incredible display of showmanship and creativity by everyone involved! Congrats to the lindy hoppers for this year’s win.

Although I have no direct knowledge of how this was judged. It did seem like the lindy hoppers were generally more in sync, had some clever group choreo, threw in lots of dynamic movement and tricks, and brought the energy up whenever they went in. The modern street dancers did a great job of showcasing the variety of styles they brought to the table, but didn’t really come together as much as a team. And the energy wasn’t quite as hype during their rounds, as I would have expected.

Check out the 2017 Battle on the Rocks. While the vintage dancers danced well, they didn’t seem to me to have as much showmanship or fire as the modern dancers. Which is why I believe the modern street dancers won. (Someone correct me, if I’m wrong.)

But that’s just my take. What did you all’s think of this competition? And do you like this format?

Thanks to Community-minded Dance and the Funkinetic Project for putting on this awesome event! Can’t wait to see next year’s battle!