Dance Camp 101 with Ashley Perretta

SF Bay Area dancers at Lindy Focus 2018

SF Bay Area dancers at Lindy Focus 2018

Los Angeles-based lindy hop instructor Ashley Perretta shares her tips and tricks for preparing for a swing dance camp. Lots of bits of insight that can help anyone who is thinking any of the other hundreds of dance camps and weekends that happen all over the world.

I particularly like TIP #2: “Gather Vibe and Atmosphere Insights,” which is something I only learned about after going to events where the vibe was not really what I was looking for.

Check out the full video below.

Asnley covers a lot of the basics. We also love this older post on Dance World Takeover “47 Things You Haven’t Thought Of Yet: Attending a Dance Event.”

What are your tips for surviving a dance camp? Let us know in the comments!