Watch the "One-8 Project": A Stop-Motion Animation of 760 Lindy Hoppers

If you were lucky enough to be at the Frankie 100 Festival in New York City back in May 2014, you may have noticed a bunch of folks shooting pictures of couples dancing in a green screen off to the side of the dance venue. (To be honest, we were so busy at the event, we never made it over there.) But it turns out it was “The One-8 Project,” dreamed up by Mexico City-based Tim Collins and Andrea Ruchi Avilés to bring the lindy hop world together in a very unique way.

The organizers describe it as “a stop-motion animation featuring 760 Lindy Hoppers from 37 countries. Each couple takes the position of the couple before them and continues the organically evolving swing dance choreography defined by the creativity of every dancer involved…. Each song has a distinct animation style.”

The project contains:

  • 7460 photos

  • 461 8s = over 115 phrases = nearly 29 choruses

  • 6 songs

  • 16 minutes of animation at roughly 220 Beats per minute

Woah. Check out the finished project here:

I love seeing all the faces from the world of lindy hop represented, from seasoned pros to beginners, of all shapes, sizes, and ages. And the animations running behind the dancers are just beautiful.

Congrats to the organizers: Swing México in México City, Tim Collins and Andrea "Ruchi" Avilés and the small army of folks that made this happen!