Stuff We Liked: Ramona in Samsonite Ad, Female-run Swing Show in UK, Biz Tips from Dancing

swing sister swing.png

Swing Sister Swing is an original swing dance and swing music show celebrating female choreographers, musicians and jazz dance, happening July 12 and 13 in East London. This new production tells the story of six international women and a dance troupe that is falling apart. It explores what it is to be partnerless in a partner dance and the magic we make when we're together that doesn't exist when we're apart. The show will feature a new original score recorded by a female-led big band. Sounds amazing!

Head to their website for more info and to purchase tickets and follow them on Instagram @swingsisterswing.

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

  • We dug this Samsonite Australia ad that features a number of dancers, including the always effervescent Ramona Staffeld!

  • There’s a lot to love about this performance by the Harvest Moon Hoppers at the Intrepid Battle of Big Bands from earlier this month. It’s got awesome airsteps, classic callbacks to lindy hop legends, mixed-gender partnering, and it was all done to a live band -- the Jonathan Stout Orchestra! So sick. Dancers included Gaby Cook, Evita Arce, Macy Sullivan, Lewi Gilamichael, Morgan Lee, Rafał Pustelny, Jeff Liu-Leyco, Mimi Liu-Leyco, Ari Silburt, Akemi Kinukawa, Andy Yong Weng Zhin, Yurina Shin, and Bobby White Jr.

  • Needing some dance inspiration? Check out this beautiful photo feature from the New York Times, “Perpetual Motion” - curated by acclaimed ballerina Misty Copeland. Each picture tells such a rich story about the power of dance.

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