Stuff We Liked: Sing Lim on the Track, Norma at Harvest Moon, and Sisters of Jazz

sing in amazing skirt.jpg

We’re so excited to check out the latest episode of the lindy hop podcast “The Track” featuring legendary dancer Sing Lim of Singapore. Sing has been part of the global swing dance community for over 30 years - learning in London under the tutelage of Ryan Francois and Frankie Manning and spreading Lindy Hop to Asia when she returned to her native Singapore in 1996. Sing talks about her memories of Norma Miller, learning from — and then competing alongside — Ryan Francois in the early 90s, her friendship with Frankie Manning, and how Lindy Hop has grown throughout Asia. 

Here’s Sing back in 1997 at the US Open.

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

  • Bobby White has created this excellent compilation of Norma Miller and other Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers competing at the Harvest Moon Ball over the years. It’s awesome seeing Norma throwing down so hard at these legendary contests. This is a promo for the upcoming ILHC this November featuring the “Normalizer” Harvest Moon Ball-type contest.

  • Vanity Fair highlights the contributions of female jazz musicians in the article “Sisters of Swing”  Abigail Jones writes, “For a century, jazz was a men’s club. Now a vanguard of women virtuosi—including these 16 standouts—are reshaping this most American of art forms.” (Thanks for the tip, Jim Silverman!)

  • Apropos of nothing, this popped up in our social feed recently:  a classic Gary Larson “Far Side” comic. (Thanks, Billy Nemec!)

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