Watch Hella Black Lindy Hop Performing at Lincoln Center

hella black lindy hop.jpg

Congrats to the performance group Hella Black Lindy Hop for their performance this weekend at Lincoln Center in New York, as part of Midsummer Nights Swing. According to Joshua McClean, one of the performers, this was the first all-Black lindy hop group to perform at Midsummer Nights Swing!

Click here if you can't see the video.

Dancers: Cyle Dixon Jr. , Alexis Davila, Ana Lisa Sutherland, AJ Howard, Shana Maria Weaver, Manu Smith, LaTasha Barnes, and Joshua Mclean. Choreography by Mikey Pedroza, Dee Daniels Locke, LaTasha Barnes and Joshua Mclean.

Great work, everyone! Looks like a fantastic evening.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Julia Loving

PHOTO CREDIT: Julia Loving

Thanks for sharing this video, Margaret Batiuchok!