Stuff We Liked: A Checkist for Organizers, Jo & Kevin Switching, Dancing Bears, a Taiwanese Flashmob

If you aren’t an event organizer, this is not the most exciting piece of the week. But if you are, then you’ll appreciate this comprehensive “Event Organizing Checklist” shared by the wonderful Mandi Gould. Mandi knows a thing of two about organizing, as one of the Frankie100 instigators and a professional marketing manager.

So whether you are organizing a fundraiser dance, a workshop weekend, a dance competition or a jazz festival, there’s probably some tips in there you will find helpful. For example, here’s Mandi’s advice on budget:

Get serious about your event budget. Remember that every event is scalable. If your event is in its infancy, be conservative. Start out small. Make modest projections of how many guests you might realistically expect to attend your event. It’s advisable to under-budget on attendance while over-budgeting on costs to ensure that you have a safe buffer zone for unexpected expenses.

There are always unexpected costs, and even with extensive experience, you can never anticipate what they’ll be. Set aside some extra cash in your budget for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. I recommend a buffer of at least 10%-15% as a safe zone.

Thanks for sharing this, Mandi!

Other Stuff We Liked This Week:

lazy bear.jpg
  • I was charmed by this Lazy Bear cartoon by Dooby Harvey that was shared on Reddit recently. I don’t know who this bear is, but he’s got some moves!

  • Check out Jo and Kevin doing some sweet switch dancing on their Instagram. The Switch Workshop just happened last weekend in SF, so we’ve got ambi-dancing on the brain still.

And for comparison, here’s Yoyo waacking during one of her regular classes.

  • Check out Pamela Gaizutyte & Martynas Stonys of What a Jazz dancing in Lithuania. 

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