Share Your Stories and Trickeration Performances to Honor Norma Miller!


Adam Browzowski shared out yesterday a couple of exciting projects to honor the memory and legacy of lindy hop legend and worldwide entertainer Miss Norma Miller.

The Norma Miller Global Stories Project is all about collecting your memories and stories about Norma.

It’s time to share our stories and experiences of how our beloved Norma has touched our lives. Norma inspired and touched so many communities and people around the world who worked with and learned from her. Let’s put all of these stories and home videos in one place to help keep Norma’s legacy alive and to share with generations of dancers in the future. A global “Story Time with Norma” for the world.

There are some classic Norma stories out there, so I’m pretty excited about this project. Check this interview with Norma with our friend Latasha Barnes that we filmed awhile ago in Herrang.

The Global Trickeration Project is an effort to get as many people sharing performances of themselves performing Norma Miler’s “Trickeration” routine. The videos will be mashed up into one epic compilation and debuted at ILHC 2019 on December 2nd in Washington DC.

Here’s Adam demonstrating the choreo, if you don’t know it:

Such a fun routine!

This reminds of the Global Shim Sham that I helped organize back in 2009 for Frankie 95. Who remembers and participated that one?

Check the respective links to find out more and participate in these wonderful projects.