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Video of Lindy Hoppers on "Dancing with the Stars" yes

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  • Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2007
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Video of Lindy Hoppers on

You can catch <a href="">an online video</a> of the performance by a bunch of lindy hoppers on the ABC Show "Dancing with the Stars" that aired last night. The performance comes on at around the 20 minute mark. Warning: The song is, well, not exactly vintage. But the dancing was top notch! (Oh and here's a <a href="" target="blank">Google video</a> version of the video, which may not stay live long, so watch it now!) ,
Congrats, Christian Perry (The Choreographer), Shesha Marvin , Amber Ripley, Nikki Marvin, Minn Vo, Jeremy Otth, Laura Keat, and Annette Nicole!

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