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Yehoodi Broadcast Schedule at ILHC 2012

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  • Posted Wednesday, August 15, 2012
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Yehoodi Broadcast Schedule at ILHC 2012

Many of you have been asking what divisions and times Yehoodi will be broadcasting during the International Lindy Hop Championships, from August 24-26. While there may be some shuffling around due to unforeseen changes , this is our general production schedule during ILHC. Please plan accordingly!

August 24

  • 8pm Pro-Am Division
  • 9:45pm Strictly Open Finals
  • 11:05pm Lindy Classic Pro Division
  • 2:00am Solo Charleston Finals

August 25

  • 7:30pm Strictly Balboa Finals
  • 8:00pm Lindy Hop Classic Division
  • 9:45pm Strictly Champions Division
  • 11:05pm Showcase Division
  • 12:45am Invitational Strictly Division

August 26

  • 5:00pm Juniors Division
  • 5:45pm Jack and Jill All Star Division
  • 6:30pm Invitational Jack and Jill Division
  • 9:00pm Awards

NOTE: All times are Eastern Standard Time. Please use to convert to your local time zone.

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  • Originally posted Tuesday, August 21, 2012 (4 years ago)
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Just in case you need it, here is the broadcast schedule in Far Eastern Standard Time. (Thanks to Ming Pang of KL Swings). Works for Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. For Japan and Korea, add an hour. For Thailand, minus an hour.

Hey we just had to watch the Olympics at 4am. This will be no sweat!

August 25, Saturday

8am Pro-Am Division

9:45am Strictly Open Finals

11:05am Lindy Classic Pro Division

2:00pm Solo Charleston Finals

August 26, Sunday

7:30am Strictly Balboa Finals

8:00am Lindy Hop Classic Division

9:45am Strictly Champions Division

11:05am Showcase Division

12:45pm Invitational Strictly Division

August 27, Monday

5:00am Juniors Division

5:45am Jack and Jill All Star Division

6:30am Invitational Jack and Jill Division

9:00am Awards

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  • Originally posted Wednesday, August 22, 2012 (4 years ago)

Thanks Sing!

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