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Watch SwingNation Episode #2 This Monday Sept 3 at 7pm PT!

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  • Posted Sunday, September 2, 2012
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Watch SwingNation Episode #2 This Monday Sept 3 at 7pm PT!

Rikomatic, Zuckerpunch and Spuds on SwingNation #1

Yes, tomorrow is Labor Day. So the Yehoodi crew of Spuds, Zuckerpunch and myself , Rikomatic, are slaving away to bring you Episode Two of the live "SwingNation" talk show. Join us tomorrow September 3, starting at 7pm Pacific Daylight Time, as we talk about all things lindy.

For our second episode of this new web video series we'll be recapping all the awesomeness of the 2012 International Lindy Hop Championships, including our favorite dance clips and sharing our favorite moments from that weekend.

As an added bonus, we'll have with us via Skype Ms. Valerie Salstrom, awesome bal and lindy dancer and head of the Cleveland Junior Jitterbuggers, an afterschool swing dance program that this year sent three couples to compete in the Junior Division of ILHC!

Plus, we get a visit from Lloyd of the UK who has a rant about jam circles!

So tune in to this Monday, September 3 starting at 7pm PT for SwingNation episode two!

P.S. yes you can watch our show from your iPhone, iPad or Android!

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