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Sweet Molasses Blues Workshop 2013 in Boston!

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Friday, July 26, 2013–Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boston's original blues dance weekend returns in July 2013 with world-class dancers, instructors, DJs, bands and venues. Many dancers have fond memories of previous Sweet Molasses events or Blues SHOUT! the year we hosted. Well, we're back for more!

We are pulling out all the stops to create the finest blues workshop weekend we possibly can for you! This rests on two cornerstones:

Great Music: We're lining up musicians you've loved before along with one blues veteran who has played with both Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters, not to mention an assortment of seriously solid DJs.

Great Dancers: We have Boston's powerhouse team of instructors on board, plus some extra oomph from across the nation! We're going to focus on how to really make a solid connection with the blues, explore that through choreography, and then use that artistic depth to drive your social dancing.

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