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Self-Driving Uber Cars

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This post has nothing to do with swing dancing.

I couldn't figure out how to give Uber unsolicited feedback on a self-driving car and was hoping that someone would know how contact Uber (assuming that anyone still checks this website).

The events took place on Oct. 11 between 7 and 8 AM.

I started to make a left turn from Penn onto Shady Avenue, and the self-driving Uber car in front of me suddenly stopped, even though there was a green arrow indicating that it was safe to make a left turn. For some reason it did not seem to recognize the green arrow.

Shady Avenue generally has two lanes in each direction, and one of the lanes is often used for parking. If there were two open lanes, the Uber car drove in the middle.

It appeared to be going 30 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, which did not create a safety problem. I am curious whether the cars are supposed to be programmed to obey speed limits. [Note: There are roads in Pittsburgh where, depending on the time of day, obeying the speed limit could create a safety problem.]

At one point on Shady there was a school bus coming from the opposite direction with yellow lights flashing. The lights turned to red as the bus reached the Uber car, and the Uber car kept going. Yes, the Uber car went past a school bus with flashing red lights. I am guessing that it has a problem with peripheral vision.

After the school bus the Uber car continued in the middle of the road until it reached a dump truck, which was parked in the right lane with the driver waiving his hand to pass. It took the Uber car a while to realize that it needed to move to the left lane to get around the dump truck.

Finally, it got to the corner of Shady and Wilkins, still in the middle of the road, and made a right turn, and we parted ways. Had there been pedestrians blocking the turn, the car would have held up traffic. I am wondering if the car can make a right turn from the right lane.

Far from the worst driver that I have encountered

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